DS11 | Dining chair foldable | Oak white

The foldable DS11 brings additional functionality while maintaining the same aesthetics as the DS10 chair. With extra foldable chairs that can be stored hanging on the wall—ready for use when needed—you gain convenience without compromising the identity of your dining arrangement. Add a wall rack in the same wooden finish as the chair, or simply stack the chairs on the ground, leaning against the wall.

• Solid wood
• Handmade in Sweden

 13 900 kr

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Product specifications

Material & treatment:

White pigment oiled oak.


David Sjöberg


Height (cm):

Width (cm):

Depth (cm):

Armrest (cm):





120 (folded)

56 (folded)

16 (folded)


Care instructions

We recommend daily care with damp cloth and, when needed, use of wood soap spray as a gentle cleaning agent. Use wood soap spray at most once a week to avoid over-saturation of the surface. To maintain resistance against stains and prevent dry cracks, oiled furniture needs regular maintenance with oil. The oil requirement varies depending on wear.


Our furniture usually has a delivery time of 6-10 weeks since manufacturing takes place upon order.





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Foldable. Yet same aestethics.

The foldable DS11 dining chair shares the same form as the DS10 dining chair, bringing flexibility to your living space. Simply unfold DS11 chairs when needed, without compromising on aesthetics.

Seamless forms.

Creating the DS11 posed a challenge—how to craft an expressive, seamless form with a foldable construction. The numerous form transitions between the chair's segments enhance its overall seamless form, even with its dual positions.

Compact stacking.

The thoroughly developed design becomes compact when folded. The overlapping backrests make the depth of the chair only 10 cm per chair, without compromising on the backrests ergonomics.

Hang on the wall.

Add a matching wall mount in the same wooden finish. The backrest design serves as a support for the next stacked chair. As the chairs rest on each other, the wall mount depth doesn't need to match the stacked chairs, creating a more elegant look.