DS41 | Ladder extended | Walnut

Discover the DS40 and DS41, a versatile ladder integrated into your interior when not in use. Choose from solid ash, oak, or walnut finishes. The design offers free-standing storage when folded or wall-hanging options with our additional matching solid wood wall mount. The collection comes in both short (DS40) and extended versions (DS41) featuring longer handles, our ladder collection combines functionality with style.

• Solid wood
• Handmade in Sweden

 10 950 kr

Ordering from outside Sweden? Currently, our automated logistics are limited to orders within Sweden. We still deliver world wide, reach out to us at for more information regarding orders abroad.

Product specifications

Material & treatment:

Oiled walnut.


David Sjöberg


Height (cm):

Width (cm):

Depth (cm):

Armrest (cm):




150 (folded)

40 (folded)

10 (folded)


Care instructions

We recommend daily care with damp cloth and, when needed, use of wood soap spray as a gentle cleaning agent. Use wood soap spray at most once a week to avoid over-saturation of the surface. To maintain resistance against stains and prevent dry cracks, oiled furniture needs regular maintenance with oil. The oil requirement varies depending on wear.


Our furniture usually has a delivery time of 6-10 weeks since manufacturing takes place upon order.





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Seamless forms.

Our ladder collection adds a new dimension to a commonly used piece of furniture in many homes. The harmonious blend of functionality and seamless design integration into every detail makes it a natural and stylish part of any interior.

Long or short.

Select either the short (DS40) or extended version (DS41) based on your preference. The extended handle provides a closer reach when standing on the higher steps.

Hanging or standing free.

The design offers versatile storage options for the ladder. When folded, it stands freely on the floor, and with a slim profile of under 10 cm, it's also compact when hung on the wall.

Add matching wall mount.

Enhance your ladder's storage with our matching wall mounts, creating an integrated part of the interior space both with its aesthetics as well as accessibility whenever needed (add wall mount to your shopping basket separately).